Would Refer Without Hesitation

Liz, I want to let you know that from the time we started talking last December it's been a pleasure working with you, all the time and patience you showed in sending me listings and answering questions - even knowing that I wouldn't be buying until at least June - is greatly appreciated. I know income properties are a different animal, but your background, experience, and advice were invaluable to me. I couldn't have pulled off what I (we!!) did without you.

All your efforts in working with the selling agent were amazing. At times I half wondered if you had to make a deal with the devil to get some of the concessions you did, but I know at the end of it it's just your wealth of knowledge and experience that made it all happen. The advice and help you gave me in getting the numbers where I needed them, and where I could understand them, in finding and working with a lender, and the help in sorting out all the vagaries and complications of doing a 1031 exchange and all that that entailed were all greatly appreciated.

I'm still amazed by all of the work that you put in to facilitating all the things that were done prior to my taking possession. Your ability to get the seller to agree to the contributions he did still leave me a little flabbergasted. The way you put together the handy man, the painters, and the door guy were the only way I could have made this work out the way it did. I had a tenant in there within three days of the management company (thank you again for that referral) listing the vacant unit for rent, and a price that was over what I had hoped for!! I know that wouldn't have happened without the work that was done to make the place look the way it did.

I want you to know that I would refer you without hesitation to anyone that is looking to buy, whether it was for an income property or a primary residence - oh wait, I already have, to at least three different people so far!! Hopefully they have all had the sense to reach out to you ;-)

My only regret in getting this deal done is that I'm not still working with you. I very much enjoyed all of our time spent, and all of our interactions and chats, as you are much more than just a great realtor, you're a fabulous person to spend time with and to be around. If I could keep buying property just to keep working with you and enjoying the time looking at houses and chatting, I would!!! If ever you should need a referral, or if anybody thinks that this note is too good to be true, please don't hesitate to send them my way.

Matt Gillespie, August 2017
Vancouver, WA

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