Liz Staged our House and it Sold in 4 Days!!

Our house had been on the market for about 5 months with no offers. Then after Liz staged it, we got an offer within 4 days! We got the price we were looking for and are thrilled!

Clytis and Buck B., Vancouver, WA - March 2014

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Strategic Staging: Your Competitive Edge

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When selling your house think “Model Home.” Model Homes, while nicely decorated, create a blank canvas that potential buyers can mentally move into. Buyers can, in their mind’s eye, project their own personality—their desired furnishings, pictures, color and décor—onto the house.

When selling your home, the heart of my marketing plan is to help you turn your house into a Model Home, with the same inviting “model home feel”, so that the next owner can mentally move in.

I have seen the difference on buyer’s faces when they see a staged home, and the stats back me up. On average, staged homes sell for more money and in less time than un-staged homes competing in the same market.

Staged Homes:
  • Sell faster
  • Sell for more money
  • Are viewed as well cared for properties, by buyers, home inspectors and appraisers
  • Are more likely to be appraised at full value
  • Attract a broader range of buyers and are considered “the best properties” to see
  • Look better in print and internet advertising

You worked hard for this home. Don‘t just “list and hope”. Let‘s roll up our sleeves and get you the best sales price we can!

Transformed Rooms

The goal of staging is to make your home more inviting to buyers by highlighting advantages, minimizing any flaws, and generally making it easier for a buyer to “see themselves” living in the home. Below is a selection of before/after images taken from homes I‘ve staged.