Green Living

Sustainable living isn’t just for the birds. Rising gas prices, increasing energy costs, and environmental concerns have brought these issues home. But minimizing your impact on the earth doesn’t mean giving up your lifestyle. Here are some simple tips and resources to help you reduce your environmental impact at home and in your community.

This page offers a small sampling of resources available to us locally and is intended to be a growing addition to my website. If you have a great idea to add, please contact me.

Green Services and Shopping

Eco-Friendly Living Resources

  • Portland State University - Portland State University Institute for Sustainable Solutions with community links.
  • Redirect Guide - This free resource helps you locate merchants and organizations that offer environmentally, socially, and health conscious goods and services in the Portland/Vancouver regional area.
  • City of Portland Office of Sustainable Development - Local news, information and events that promote healthy and sustainable living for Portland and its residents.

Your Family & Community

Have Some Fun

  • Sustainable Style Foundation - With a tagline such as "look fabulous, live well, do good," you're sure to discover interesting things companies and individuals are doing to help all of us make better choices.
  • Care2 - Social networking based on the issues that matter to you and to the earth, powered by its users.

Please note, while I have not yet used all of these products, services and/or companies, and can not personally vouch for their quality, I do support their attempts to be kind to our planet. If you have used any of the above, and would be willing to share how well they worked for you, or would like to share the names of other green companies, please send me an email. I would love to hear from you.

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