Liz was an incredible advocate

Liz is an amazing realtor for anyone, but if you're a first-time buyer, she is absolutely perfect for you! When I moved to Portland, I was interested in buying a home, but as a single woman and first-time buyer, I felt intimidated by the process.

The sister of a friend of mine worked with Liz and bought a home in Portland. She had extremely high praise for Liz and passed along Liz’s contact information to me.

My first meeting with Liz was incredibly educational and eased my anxiety about purchasing a house. From that point on, the house-hunting process was nothing but an exciting adventure through Portland. Liz walked me through every home, pointing out its strengths and the repairs the home would need. For every home I was interested in, she would pull records on it from every available source of information and email the necessary people to find out about the details and history of the home. As a result, she uncovered potential cost-prohibitive repairs and other concerns that saved me from making an offer on a home that would have been a bad purchase.

Less than a month after starting the house-hunting process, I found a wonderful, move-in ready home house-hunting with Liz, and made an offer that was accepted. Liz was an incredible advocate for me after I made an offer, and ensured that the final stages to purchase were as smooth as possible. She also taught me how to care for my home over the long-term, providing me with home care tips and contacts for people to take care of home and yard maintenance.

Liz is truly awesome, and I highly recommend her. She’ll make your home buying process fun, educational, and low-stress!

Michelle H., Ph.D.
NE Portland
July 2013

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