We have bought and sold TWICE with her

In order to give a raving recommendation for Liz Murphy, I feel I need to say a little about my husband and I first. We have known Liz for almost 9 years and have bought and sold TWICE with her. She is amazing to say the least.

We had a HUGE array of options on what we would be willing to buy, and even when we weren't looking for a primary home she was gracious enough to look at rental properties too!! Our search included different types of homes in different areas for different price ranges - it was a confusing mess. But Liz was able to figure it out and give us helpful insight on any property we were looking at that day, because our focuses changed often!! She is very accessible and understands the urgency of some sales and has always pulled through for our needs.

This leads me into the wealth of knowledge Liz has - even if she doesn't know an answer she would look into our question and seek help from other professional services when needed. Knowing who to ask is a very helpful attribute in this business and Liz has a full arsenal of helpful friends and acquaintances. If you need information on ANYTHING she can get!! Even when the answers she finds are not what you were wanting to hear. She has saved us from more than one real estate disaster with her thorough investigations.

Buying and selling your home is a very emotional process and Liz walks this path with you. She goes through the ups and downs and helps guide you in a honest direction. I can say that she must be one of the most genuine, honest and moral persons I have ever known!! She is a wonderful real estate agent and she knows her business well. We met Liz on a business level and we have developed a friendship that will continue for many years. And so, it is with great pleasure that my husband and I highly recommend her services to anyone.

Matthew and Stacey L. Battle Ground, WA February 2013

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