I chose Liz!

Buying/Selling a home is stressful even in the best of markets, so why wouldn’t you do everything possible to help keep the grey hairs at bay? I did…I chose Liz!

I had the pleasure of working with Liz when I bought my home. It was my very first house purchase and I was a single mother of two. There are no words to express how much I appreciated Liz’s honest and insightful approach; she answered questions that I didn’t even know enough to ask. NEVER did I feel like Liz was working with anything but my best interests in mind, so, when my dad, then my sister, needed to sell, OF COURSE I sent them to Liz. When it came time for me to sell, Liz’s work ethic and integrity brought me right back to her door. Again, I was impressed and overjoyed beyond words. I had prepared myself for a long wait in today’s market but that was not the case. Two days after Liz had my house on the market, she was calling me with an offer and that offer closed in a matter of weeks!!

There are people who go to work every day and do only enough to get by. That is NOT Liz! Her performance extends far beyond the bare minimum! It is apparent Liz has high expectations of herself and those standards are portrayed through every phase of buying/selling.

I’m fine with generic ketchup; I’m not fine with a generic broker! My family deserves the best and I deserve fewer grey hairs!!

Thank You Liz, for giving us those two things….along with so much more!!

Amy W.
Woodland, WA August 2012

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