Enhance and Maintain Your Property Values

Summer is a time to take that long anticipated vacation, or just simply to spend some relaxing patio time on warm weekend mornings or afternoons. It’s also a time to protect your home value, and the look of your neighborhood, by doing some routine outside maintenance and yard upkeep.

Following are some items to consider as you look to beautify and maintain your home.

  • Spending a relatively small amount of time each year will help prevent major repair and/or clean-up issues in the future. Clean moss off of your roof. Left unattended moss will shorten the lifespan of your roof and speed up the expense of replacing it. Pressure washing can damage your roof, so be sure to use an experienced company that specializes in moss removal.
  • Clean and seal wood shingles. Clean gutters and repair gutter leaks.
  • Have decks and patios checked to see if they need to be cleaned and sealed.
  • Clean and refinish fences as needed. Keep soil and plants away from the base of wooden fences to prevent them from rotting.
  • Clean rust residue from wrought iron railings and fences.
  • Trim trees and hedges (including those parking strips near the road – especially sprouts at the bottom of the trees in these parking strip areas).
  • Keep lawns neatly mowed, edged, and fertilized. Have it treated for weeds, moss, and reseed dead areas.
  • Maintain the color of your flower beds and keep them weed free.
  • Clean moss and weeds that take hold in the joint areas of your driveway and walkways. Clean walkways and steps. It is generally best to pressure wash these areas, filling any cracks you may find to prevent them from widening and causing a more expensive problem later on.
  • Keep house paint and trim looking fresh. Touch-up where needed.
  • Caulk siding at windows, seams, and edges as recommended. If you have Stucco or Stucco-like siding on your home, avoid potential significant future damage by inspecting the structure for any cracks (even hairline thin), and correct per your manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Now that we can actually see something out of our windows besides rain and clouds it’s a good time to have them cleaned.

I hope you find these items helpful. If think of anything I’ve left out, or have any questions, or would just like a name of a company or person who could help with any of these things, just send me an email or call (503-519-6372). Thank you!

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