How Many Listings Should Your Agent Have?

In the automotive world, more usually means better. A dealership with acres of cars for sale is a better bet than one with just a small lot—the quantity offers greater selection, and what's more, a dealer with that kind of stock is likely to be more reputable.

Sometimes people tend to think of real estate agents in the same way, making the assumption that the number of listings they have is proportionate to the quality of service they can give to their clients.

In my experience, I've found the exact opposite to be true.

When it comes to selling homes, I define success as the ability to make a deal that meets everyone's needs and feels good to each party involved. I'd rather have a year where I make twenty great deals rather than rush through fifty mediocre ones, because it's important to me that every client I work with gets the full benefit of my focus and dedication.

Every home for sale is unique, and I treat it as such. When we work together to list your house, I'll take you through each of the steps. I'll learn about the nuances of your home and your situation, and build a listing that shows the best it can. As a result, when you're working with me, you know that I'm dedicating time to you, and you never have to worry that you're just a number among hundreds of others in a rolodex.

You don't want buyers to treat your house like it's just any other property—and that's why I make sure that I never treat my sellers like just any other client.

If you're thinking about buying a home, view my open listings with the confidence that I prefer to showcase quality over quantity. If you're thinking about selling your home, I encourage you to get in touch. I'm more than happy to go over the process with you, and I look forward to beginning the journey—with the full focus of my attention as your agent—together.

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